Ceiling Fan DV

Saving energy in the simplest way

Due to the natural buoyancy, heat rises upwards where it is not needed and is lost. The Kroll ceiling fans DV recirculate warm air downwards and thus ensure considerable savings on your heating costs. Especially in large, high rooms such as production halls and warehouses, workshops, sales rooms, industrial marquees, greenhouses and animal breeding facilities, the use of ceiling fans for heat recirculation is particularly useful. The typical problem here is; warm room air accumulates under the ceiling, the floor remains cold. In most cases, the set temperature is increased until a comfortable room temperature is perceived. However, this leads to unnecessarily increased fuel consumption. With an even air distribution and the associated temperature equalisation, you can quickly reduce your heating costs by up to 30%.

With an air circulation rate of 15,000 m³/H and 300 revolutions per minute, our ceiling fans ensure quickly and evenly heated areas without long preheating times. Special blades ensure a narrow air cone, thus avoiding flat draughts. Our ceiling fans are also suitable for continuous operation, even at 24-hour full load.

Practical accessories make operation extremely simple; infinitely variable controls for up to 12 ceiling fans, optionally equipped with room sensors or speed controllers, ensure that the warm air reaches the desired area without draughts and in an energy-saving manner.

We guarantee the quality of our products - As the first manufacturer in the heating and ventilation sector, we offer our customers a full 3-year manufacturer's warranty.



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DV-devices overview

Air volume flow
15000 m³/h
Electrical power consumption
0,075 kW
Electrical input
230/50/0,35 V/HZ/A
255 mm
235 mm
690 mm
9,5 kg
Sound pressure level
52 db(A)