Mobile Heating/Cooling Solution MWK

Heating and cooling with only one device

In many industries, it is important to have the right equipment from the start; also when choosing the right heating/cooling solution. Who wants to spend a lot of time sourcing and topping up heating oil, constantly readjusting or handling chillers? This and the increasing demand for Co-2 neutral, sustainable, but also cost-effective and uncomplicated solutions has led us to develop the mobile heating/cooling combination MWK40.

With our MWK40, we have finally succeeded in creating a revolution; an automatically switching, mobile air-to-air heat pump that can heat and cool your properties in a completely CO2-neutral manner thanks to the elimination of fossil fuels and purely electric operation - and all this at a fraction of your previous maintenance costs. Thanks to a variable operating range between -10°C and +40°C outside temperature, nothing stands in the way of even year-round use.

Apart from setting the desired temperature via the app, no further effort is required on your part. The MWK measures the interior temperature drawn in and automatically regulates it to your predefined desired temperature - even under extreme conditions. By dispensing with additional resistance heaters, there is no unpleasant surprise in your electricity costs at the end.

Short reaction times in case of changing operating conditions exclude any impairment of persons in the object. Mobility, fast operational readiness and user-friendly control are the main features of our MWK40.

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Thanks to its compact and innovative design, nothing stands in the way of rapid deployment. Our unit is already ready for operation with cold-hot air hoses and electricity, giving you full flexibility in the choice of installation site.

No tank systems, no storage of fuels and as a significant advantage: no use of chillers. Intake and exhaust ports are recessed in the housing, there are no protruding components. The unit can even be stacked without hesitation! Safe loading is ensured by openings for forklift trucks or belt systems. All components are easily accessible and, thanks to removable side panels, extremely easy to maintain. The distribution of the conditioned air in the object can be carried out via one or several hoses at the same time. The high external pressure of 200 Pa also allows long hose connections.




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