Energy Container EC

Climate intelligence in compact form

The flexibly applicable multi-talent for your energy supply, which enables both the preparation of domestic hot water and the supply of cooling and heating; our innovative energy centre with reversible heat pump.

A regenerative supply concept allows you to maintain your buildings in a particularly climate-friendly and sustainable manner. Adapting the energy centre to changing needs is no problem thanks to the flexible container construction using standard ISO 20 F containers.

With a modular concept for heating and cooling components, you have countless options for integration into existing architecture.

Via reversible heat pump cooling water up to 4°C and heating water up to 45°C is provided. Our highly efficient heat pump uses the ambient air to generate both heat and cold. It is also possible to expand the heat pump with a PV system to generate electricity for the scroll compressors.

For hot water / domestic hot water production, our fossil-free high-temperature heat pump with water flow temperatures of 70 °C is available.

Through the additional use of low-temperature waste heat, for example from warm hall air in production facilities, you can supply your buildings in a particularly environmentally-friendly way.

Areas of application

We would be pleased to develop an individual concept together with you - from analysis to installation.



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