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Warm air production

Model Type of energy Type of heat

HM100 Oil Oil

HM200 Oil/Gas Oil

HM200/2 Oil/Gas Oil

MA22 Oil Oil

MA32 Oil Oil

MA59 Oil Oil

MA91 Oil Oil

P32 Liquid gas Oil

P45 Liquid gas Oil

P65 Liquid gas Oil

P85 Liquid gas Oil

PX32 Liquid gas Oil

PX45 Liquid gas Oil

PX65 Liquid gas Oil

PX85 Liquid gas Oil

PX105 Liquid gas Oil

M25 Oil/Gas Oil

M50 Oil/Gas Oil

M70 Oil/Gas Oil

M100 Oil/Gas Oil

M150 Oil/Gas Oil

M200 Oil/Gas Oil

25S/25SC Oil/Gas Oil

40S/40SC Oil/Gas Oil

55S/55SC Oil/Gas Oil

70S/70SC Oil/Gas Oil

95S/95SC Oil/Gas Oil

110S/110SC Oil/Gas Oil

140S Oil/Gas Oil

170S Oil/Gas Oil

195S Oil/Gas Oil

260S Oil/Gas Oil

290S Oil/Gas Oil

360S Oil/Gas Oil

430S Oil/Gas Oil

490S Oil/Gas Oil

580S Oil/Gas Oil

650S Oil/Gas Oil

730S Oil/Gas Oil

NBX30 Gas Oil

NBX40 Gas Oil

NBX50 Gas Oil

NBX60 Gas Oil

NBX90 Gas Oil

NBX120 Gas Oil

E3 Electricity Oil

E8 Electricity Oil

E12 Electricity Oil

E18 Electricity Oil

E18SH Electricity Oil

Ceiling fan Electricity Oil

IR45 Oil Oil

Permanently condensing boilers

Model Type of energy Type of heat

Mobile Heat plants

Air heaters

Model Type of heat

LH120 Oil

LH130 Oil

LH220 Oil

LH230 Oil

LH320 Oil

LH330 Oil

LH420 Oil

LH430 Oil

LH520 Oil

LH530 Oil

LH620 Oil

LH630 Oil

LH720 Oil

LH730 Oil

LH920 Oil

LH930 Oil


Model Type of energy Type of heat

T20 Electricity

T24 Electricity

TE40 Electricity

TE80 Electricity

TE100 Electricity

TE120 Electricity

TK30 Electricity

TK60 Electricity

Multi-fuel oil burner

Model Type of energy Type of heat

KG/UB20 Oil Air/Water

KG/UB20P Oil Air/Water

KG/UB55 Oil Air/Water

KG/UB70 Oil Air/Water

KG/UB100 Oil Air/Water

KG/UB150 Oil Air/Water

KG/UB200 Oil Air/Water


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