The easy way to save energy

Due to natural lift, warm air rises directly under the ceiling.There, nobody needs it and it gets lost. Kroll ceiling fans recirculate the warm air back downwards and help to save heating costs considerably.


  • high change of air
  • silent operation
  • high-power energy-saving motor
  • completely made of metal
  • long durability and safe operation

Ceiling fans have to be placed so that there is a minimum distance of 2,5 m between the floor and the bottom edge of the fan blades.

Model Type of energy Type of heat

Ceiling fan Electricity Oil

Deckenventilator 1
Air delivery

15000 m³/h

El. power supply

0,065 kW

Electrical connection

230/50/0,35 V/HZ/A


255 mm


235 mm


690 mm


9,5 kg

Noise level

52 db(A)