These units are particularly suitable to heat car garages, warehouses etc. They are completely equipped with burner basin and oil tank, easy to install and instantly ready for use.

The cross-flow fan works silently, does not need much maintenance and can be put on top of the heater to blow out in all four directions.

The 24 l tank has got an integrated oil strainer and a electromagnetic gear pump to supply the burner basin with oil. The integrated overfloat switch stops the electromagnetic gear pump automatically in case of a fault, so no oil can leak.

After ignition, an integrated thermostat switches on the cross-flow fan and the electromagnetic gear pump as soon as 55°C have been reached inside the combustion chamber.

For a quick and thorough cleaning, we offer the suitable slag-solvent.

Observe your national regulations! No approval for Germany!

Model Type of energy Type of heat

W401-K Oil Oil

W401-K 1
Nominal heat input

35 kW

Nonminal heat output

29 kW

Air delivery

820 m³/h

Temperature rise

80 K

Oil consumption

1,9-2,8 kg/h

El. power supply

0,09 kW

Electrical connection

230/50/0,4 V/HZ/A

Tank content

24 l

Flue gas pipe diameter

150 mm


600 mm


770 mm


1170 mm


99 kg