You have stirred up dust? We remove it!

During building or renovation or at industrial works, harmful particles are often discharged in an uncontrolled manner. In order to avoid that the escaping harmful substances may endanger man and environment, our high-performance air cleaner LR5300 comes to your aid. The unit catches the escaping harmful substances reliably and absorbs them completely.

Due to a defined and constant contact pressure of our filter, the intake of leak air is excluded. The unique geometry of our filter makes its handling and disposal very simple. Due to our accessories, there are numerous possibilities of extending the unit. Our patented dust protection door is the only divisible dust protection door on the market. By a specially developed connector system, it can be divided into two parts for an optimal


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  • Easily transportable – support and handle in one piece
  • Flexible handling – handle adjustable in height
  • Intuitive operation – just 1 control element
  • Easy in use – quick and easy change of the filter
  • High user-friendliness – convertion without tools
  • Practical accessories – various applications



  • Air outlet connector
  • Hose connector for air intake
  • Divisible dust protection door
  • Air intake cone
Model Type of energy Type of heat

Air cleaner LR5300

Type of energy


Type of heat


Airflow rate maximum

3000 m³/h

Electrical connection

230/50 V/Hz

Electrical power

0,48 kW

Current consumption

2,1 A

Protection of connector

6,3 A

Noise level maximum

70 dB(A)

Cable length

3 m

Height (with retracted handle)/width/depth

870/563/592 mm


55 kg

Room size maximum at 2,5 m ceiling height

45 m²

Room size maximum at 3,0 m ceiling height

38 m²