The new highlight of the Kroll Energy product line

  • operation at up to -20°C
  • outlet temperature adjustable to 80°C
  • as additional or temporary heating device during renovation works or when an existing central heating is changed
  • as energy-efficient heat generator in combination with a ventilation device
  • for process heat for defrosting or drying (e.g. floor screed drying)
  • production of heating water and DHW for large events
  • sports events (e.g. marathon)
  • music festivals
  • fairs/exhibitions

Characteristics BKM120

  • degree of efficiency >99%
  • permanently condensing boiler
  • stackable
  • liftable by crane
  • especially compact construction
  • secondary side made of stainless steel
Model Type of energy Type of heat

BKM120 Oil Water

BKM120 1
Nonminal heat output

120 kW

Temperature rise

20 K

Oil consumption

9,6 kg/h

Electrical connection

230/50 V/HZ/A


1100 mm


2800 mm


2100 mm


1700 kg