Kroll has constantly developed the revolutionary idea of the condensing boiler and offers solutions which are unrivalled in their technical engineering.

The most important advantages:

Due to the boiler’s construction, the flue gas is cooled down to about 60°C – 80°C already inside the boiler body where it transfers the major part of its heat to the boiler water, before it enters the plastic heat exchanger. The condensation operation is completely independent from the return temperatures.

The boiler body stays dry due to the integrated return temperature lifting, so residues can be removed very easily and quickly. The heat exchanger where the condensation takes place is made of TUV-approved plastic and thus resistant against acid sulphur. You can use standard heating oil, sulphur-free or biological heating oil.

The heat transfer is exclusively done in a counterflow with air/flue gas. There is no pollution nor blocking, as due to the permanent condensation, the secondary heat exchanger cleans itself. There is no rusting through with our Kroll system.

The Kroll permanently condensing boilers unite positive environmental factors with economic advantages in operation. This makes them a attractive alternative for special fields of operation in hotel business, industry or for renovation works when the existing heating system is modernized.