High temperature heat pump KWP

Cost-effective energy supply

The KWP high-temperature heat pump KWP– from Kroll is the result of intensive development of an innovative solution for the modernization, renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings and their heating systems. Due to constantly rising energy prices and increasing demand for CO2-neutral, sustainable products, heat pumps are increasingly coming into focus as an environmentally friendly and efficient solution. The KWP air-to-water heat pump was developed for CO2-neutral, regenerative supply especially in medium-sized or large existing buildings and neighborhood networks and supplies your properties with cost-effective and environmentally friendly heat.

  • 70 °C flow temperature
  • CO2-neutral and regenerative
  • Cost and environmentally friendly
  • Remodeling work on the building is omitted
  • Significant reduction in energy costs

In most cases a heating system that is designed for flow temperatures of 70°C is already in place in older buildings. When modernizing this system with a conventional low-temperature heat pump, first challenges arise: Standard radiators have to be removed or replaced, the screed has to be opened and new floor coverings have to be laid in order to install underfloor heating, and pipes may also have to be replaced. This is not only time-consuming, but also costintensive. Kroll’s high-temperature heat pump KWP, on the other hand, with flow temperatures of 70°C, realizes modernization without additional conversion work on the building: Existing radiators can continue to be used.
This opens the way to a sustainable heat supply even for complex or listed buildings.

Simple, easy and both budget and resource friendly.

Our KWP air-to-water heat pump is an innovative solution for renovations and replacement of gas and oil appliances or other heating systems while taking advantage of the benefits of heat pump technology. Ambient air as a heat source is free, constantly available and regenerative – the recurring procurement of fuels is thus permanently eliminated. You will benefit from maximum efficiency, maximum cost savings and maximum comfort. Even at low outdoor temperatures, our KWP operates cost-effectively; by eliminating the need for additional resistance heaters, you convert ambient air into heating energy and hot water – without any nasty surprises in your electricity costs. In contrast to conventional heat pumps this results in further savings potential. You are flexible in your choice of installation site. Installation can be both outside or, thanks to split design, inside and outside. Through the use of high-quality and at the same time most modern components we provide you with maximum energy efficiency Made in Germany. The systems are available with heating between 55 kW and 150 kW. However, if it has to be more, we can also provide cascading solutions for increased heat demand.

We will be pleased to develop an individual concept – from the analysis to the design.

Thermal data

At 70°C flow/ 50°C return temperature
-7°C outdoor temperature Heating power: 51 kW Plant COP: 2,33
2°C outdoor temperature Heating power: 57 kW Plant COP: 2,62
7°C outdoor temperature Heating power: 57 kW Plant COP: 2,76
adapted annual performance factor according to VDI4650 = 2.5
At 50°C flow/ 40°C return temperature
-7°C outdoor temperature Heating power: 49 kW Plant COP: 2,75
2°C outdoor temperature Heating power: 61 kW Plant COP: 3,16
7°C outdoor temperature Heating power: 66 kW Plant COP: 3,41
adapted annual performance factor according to VDI4650 = 3

Technical Data

Working Area Outdoor temperature> -15°C

Water temperature> 35°C and ≤ 70°C

External dimensions (mm) B 1.600 x H 2.000 x T 800
Refrigerant R32* Refrigerant R1234ze*
Filling quantity ca. 22 kg

GWP = 675 / Classification: A2L (flame retardant)

Filling quantitca. 5 kg

GWP = 7 / Classification: A2L (flame retardant)

Scroll compressor (Bitzer) Reciprocating compressor (Bitzer)
Maximum operating current: 25,7 A

Maximum starting current: 145 A

Maximum power consumption: 15,5 kW

Maximum operating current: 33,2 A

Maximum starting current: 97A Y / 158 A YY

Maximum power consumption: 19 kW

Fan (EBM-Pabst) Electrical parameters
Maximum speed: 850 1/min

Maximum power consumption: 1,77 kW

Maximum current consumption: 2,8 A

Sound power level at the operating point: 67dB(A)

Phase: 3~

Nominal voltage:: 400 V

Maximum operating current: 50 A

*We are also doing our part to protect the environment: our KWP contains more environmentally friendly refrigerant with a significantly lower GWP value.

Hochtemperatur-Wärmpepumpe_KWP_Schaubild 1
Hochtemperatur-Wärmpepumpe_KWP_Schaubild 2