S turns into S-21 - completely ErP-2021 compliant!

With Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC the legislator has specified requirements for so-called “Energy-related Products” (ErP).

The aim of this guideline is to save energy and resources in the manufacture, operation and disposal of energy-related products: Products must maintain a minimum of efficiency. These guidelines also apply to warm air heaters; Details are specified in Regulation 2016/2281 EC

We, Kroll Energy GmbH, place great value on products that are as resource-efficient as possible and applicable guidelines in principle.

We were even able to offer a fully ErP-2021-compliant device before the new directive came into force; our stationary warm air heater type S-EC, which works completely in condensing mode. This will remain in our product portfolio with already known technical data.

For our already known stationary air heater type S we have implemented an optimization, so this product is also fully ErP-2021-compliant; With the addition of a 2-stage burner, we fully meet the requirements placed on us. The optimized variant now has “-21” at the end of its article number. As both, technical data and price have changed with this optimization, we kindly ask you to update your sales documents. As an internationally operating manufacturer, we will continue to keep our 1-stage burners in our range, so we can continue to deliver them upon on customer request. But we would like to point out that you or your customer is ONLY with a 2-stage burner fully ErP-2021-compliant and that national standards must be observed in any case.

Our stationary warm air heaters are still available with comfort control (S-C) via touch screen; Thanks to increased demand and the associated high production batches we were able to decrease our prices for this product.

Please note the following:
From 01/01/2021 warm air heaters must:
  • Have at least 2-stage, alternatively modulating burners
  • Annual space heating efficiency ηs min. 78%
  • Limit value for nitrogen oxide emissions: max. 70 mg / kWh (gas) or 150 mg / kWh (oil)
In addition:
  • Systems that have already been installed are subject to grandfathering
  • There is no obligation to exchange!
  • New buildings / renovations must be carried out in compliance with ErP 2021; we will be more than happy to support you choose the right product