Fields of competence

The Company Kroll GmbH is a renowned provider in the range of precision sheet metal processing.

More than 100 employees manufacture precision sheet metal parts on a production area of 9.800 square metres. As a system supplier for machine paneling, we assist our customers from the first draft till the series production of the product, participating in the creation of the development process.

Decades of experience are the base of our high standard of quality.

Expansion of the production capacity

We have expanded our production capacity to 9.800 square metres.

Directly next to the Kroll headquarter at Kirchberg/Murr, we have built the new production hall with 3.400 square metres, including an office wing. Our new production hall is equipped with a modern machinery for the treatment of stainless steel.

By downsizing our production processes and by introducing new quality standards, we grant you efficiency and highest quality – made in Germany.

You are looking for a system solution: we develop a sopthisticated solution according your needs.


Kroll was founded in 1963 – a company, standing for Swabian virtues: high-quality work, diligence and inventiveness determine our action.

The head office is located, then as now, at Kirchberg/Murr, about 30 kilometres north-eastern of Stuttgart.


As of 01.07.2016, the company Mpire GmbH was founded. Object of this company is the provision of commercial services.

The following branches in our company were outsourced to the above mentioned point of time to the company Mpire:

  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Purchase
  • Marketing
  • IT

An advantage for us and for our business partners:

  1. By outsourcing these departments, we can concentrate on our core business.
  2. The duties of these secondary functions can be fulfilled more efficiently and and with a higher quality due to the grouping of specialised knowledge.
  3. Strategic partnerships allow to open new business segments.